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    October 30, 2013
    6:00 - 7:01pm PDT  

traffic, and they say thisq expansion project is only going to make things worse.fáok >> if you struggle to find a parkingw3 spot at valley fairfá jose, more auctions are on the horizon.t( today, san joset;/s approved an extension ]f an already approvd &háhp &hc& near macy's. parking garage.ok douglas warburton says he already has to put uplp witht( much noise and x÷ñraffic. >> this would just create so much more traffic.e1 so much more blight on our community here.jfjf q not -- that's just not right. >> hea3ec not alone. >> traffic ist(çó getting very hectic around here. >> still, some neighbors say they're glad to see the mall is vibrant and always improving. to learn mall owners also got the green light to buimf another 2 million square feet of retail space.t(t(
but the first step is construction of the new parking garage. which won'tt( startju%1euh @r(tc the holiday season.xdçójf we reached out tow3 valley fair about these concerns about the expansion project. they issued a statement saying that they're committed to environment for the entire now, there are also plans to take outu 104 o7otrees,<(q mo existing safeway storeñi and to put in a, news. a developing story out of police in berkeley at this hour where a body washed up on the shoreline this afternoon.jf norths were called to west frontage road about 3:30 in the afternoon. that's about half a mile south of university.okñiçóq no'3c5ñ say the body appears to be that of an adult male. police are still there. the coroner is also enroute. anotherb<"evelopinp( story you' been seeing for days. you're looking live fromñióomokc
chopper. rally gettingçó under way in saa rosa right now. tku8marchers are demanding just he's the teenager shot while assault rifle. tonight we're learning more about what happened in the minuting leading up to that have shooting. we're live in saném rosa with the latest.çóxdçó a. >> asçó you can see, this marchs just getting under way.q they're jujr @r(t&háhp &hc santa rosa. "át way, and they've been here for every marchfá so far. now, thisq crowd is very emotign emotional. they laid to rest andys7çó lop just yesterday. but today, they say they want c young and old. but the focus was theñiq same. to get justice nor andy lopez. >>w3 i:h)÷ play with air soft gd b.b. gunse1 like that. and what if i was going tot(u
borrow somebody else's air shotgun and i was walking home i just decided to look like -- to turn around. >> those marching today believe the shooting was unnecessary. and they say they are marching to make a change.jfjf >> it's a real tragedy that we're still marching today over issues that affected young people then, black and brownñiç kids in particular have to live in fear of the police and their parents sl v to live in fear they could be shot down for >> as they prepare to make their giving u[k bettert( picture of what happen last week when andy lopez was shot and killed by a ñrsonoma county deputy sheriff while carrying a replica ak-47. áu!je+tid not do that.47. >> those details have been q established, but what is unclear are two things, whether dep pis identified themselves when they told lopez to drop the weapon, and if the trainee who was driving the car at the time had
of txk squad car before shots were fired.xd santa rosa lieutenant paul henry addressed those two questions. >> the deputy's statement was that he wasn't sure if>(#bm4 identified himself or not. he couldn't remember if he did >> policee1 say thei]c deputy te barely had enough time to getlp out of his car before shots were fired. police say 10 seconds between seeing lopez and shooting him down in that feel. theçó group is heading to ñr downto moving slowly down this street.k there are about 200-plus people here heading toçót( downtown sa rosa. and this crowd is growing. we'll have an update on this storyçó com[ne up at 11:00. rea news. >> thank you.q now to an nbc bayok area follow-up. cities from poaching its newly trained police recruits,jf we'r getting word tonight thejf poli chief is taking action.
sources tell nbc bay area the chief called a mandatorylp meetg late today with hisok new polic graduates. the subject of that meeting is not clear. it comes, qthough, as the cityo council is exploring a couple of plans to retain new officer fps one of them calls for the new recruits to pay for their police training with loans. the city, though, would handle most of the repayment unless the new officers jumplp ship to another department.çó now, if they do leave, snok the responsibility would fall on them to pay those loans with interest.ñi san jose stays it spends about $170,000 per cadet for training. new atñi 6:00 tonight, bewa of pigs on halloween. now thexd pink piggy costumes, a pack in san jose is being%@(t& blamed fort( destroying lawns a frightening families. law plarks tryuz come up withxdxd a solution, one that inclyj allowing people to shoot the pigs even within city limits.tui nbc bayçófá area's chris sanche joins us live in san jose with more.jf >> hi there.
this country club cannot trab and remove the wild pigs because that would be against california regulation. california fish andñi wildlife ( individually put to sleep each prohibitive. so what they -- the countyt(xd is asking the city to do isnb allow someone, a licensedó[ to shoot each individual animal and that means bending the rules of the city just a piíqf%9 action and photos of theñr pigsn the neighbor's lawn, digging up the grass looking forçó grubs. that's where the damage tally to the golf course is in the tense of thousands of dollars.xd california fish and wildlifu3q granted the clubñr a permit 20
trap the animals. steeçós7 if the contractor 6:0e a gun within the city limits. ill consider the ordinance on tuesday. licensed trapper, they're goingr>iáo be able to discharge weapon to put down the animal.xi >> this is about the seventh timew3i]t(. until we can get rid of them, there's no point in reseeding it. >> still, not everyone is vkpigs destroyed.ryone is v÷uz personally, i'mñi notú$!11 happy about it. hr(t&hc serious threat to the kids.xdñri >> now,c the san jose city ordinance coming up on tuesday. if the country club gets the green light,q the general managr says the killing of thejf anima cowl happen immediately.
tx7 decompose naturally. in case yot6áq wondering whether or not those pigs could be eaten instead, there are very strictt guidelines about 2350d handling that makes that rather unrealistic.çóçói]xdxdr >> thank you. @(t&háhp &hc& ronalding also don smith. a football player checked out of rehab andlp surrendered to law enforcement. the d.a. charged himçó witht(çóy helps possession.xd0ic]t(xd . >> the clara county d.a. filed the felony charges back on october 9. smith would voluntarilyxd surrendered and turn himself in after completing the announced rehab çuicommitment.
the rehab is over. aldon returned to the bay area and met the promised deadline to turnw3 himself in. here's what we have confirmed. smith turned himselfxdw3ok into santa clara county sheriff's office last night. you can look at the arrest çó wrort. it shows officially smith was under arrest. the 49ers star immediately required $757,000 bail and was released from custody.t(ñi heclfaces three felony charg fotf possessing illegal assault weapons. weapons found in his homeñzlast year. if found guilty, penalty range from probationt(wmq to time be bars. up next, smith must appear for his court date stead scheduled for november 12. now, heok also faces two arrest back in xdseptember. has a separate court date, but sources are telling us,o$rá isçó likely theo issues will be handled during the november 12 hearing. earlier today has not been returned.çóxdñiqt(c
>>xd 24 dariq turner was arrest his daughter. theooather was shot while walking his dogs with hisçó çódaughter. haywardñi police saylp+ñi he g an argue. with a man one one of the dogs sniffed him. >> a four-car qpile-up shutt( d gary boulevard betweenfáok th a 11th avenues for most of the day. police say at around lunchtime, a man driving a stolenq honda rn a red light. the driver hitt( an suv which caused two otherok cars to cras. five people were hurt, two of them seriously. ì& was a lexusxd on thexd roof. tried to see if it was in there windows. we did mys7t( father removed a person out of that vehicle
there. >> gerry, by the way, has been reopened for traffic.xd isxd nowe1xdólooking to worker this month's deadly b.a.r.t. crash. a hearing announced november 7 two workers were killed by a train. b.a.r.t. officials now sayq the down or stop when they enter a work zone. >> pg&e sloppy recordkeeping may cost the eutility nearly $7 million in fines. judge. she noted the utility realizedña year ago that transmissionjfxd number 147, whichñi runs right throug0p' carlos had arc welds where it wasc supposed to be seamless. they dii="ñ file axdw6public correction until july, characterizing it as a minor error. the judge saidñi that could be
interpreted as an attempt to he public in a situation that was, quote, similar to the pipeline explosion in san çóqbr three years ago. judge's recommendation at its meeting in december.çó still ahead, a stunning new çó detail about the closure of an east bay careñr home, cliending how a patient disappeared amidst the chaos. >> çópainful, çódisgust, anger, sadness. >> an elementaryfá school hit b thieves. big losses for the students. and his trialçólp brought a celebrity chef to court. q bay teenager is learning his fate. >> we head throughout tomorrow's forecast.xd you'relpw3çó takingq a live looe camera. a little bit of orange in it.t( it's a sign of what'se1 to come for that halloween forecast. spookytúñdetails coming up in a few minutes.
captioning, stoo creek boulevard san jose. >> from home to i ripped off more than 60 laptops a local schoolxa e next they have to the world.xd now howxd difficult it would beo replace all that hardware. no lesson plan in this class today. it's computer lab time where >> tuesday is when lupezvc lea someone broke into the skal over the weekend and wheeled away laptops and i pads.woy 62 of them. equipment mostly bought with pta money. years
from selling gift wrap.j cf1 o car washes, scales, you dmam iá cameras on campus. the district hopes its i.t. department can help track down the stolen hardware.xd >>q trying to help us find out f so looking at that aspect device on them. >> the principler,ñsays a thief took more than hardware from the school.ññiçó >> it's a huge loss. if you look at the fact that for some of our students,xd we are e only place that nev!. reliable the ñipta says the loss is not covered from the deductible.i]+p
the verdict was announced, marin county teenager max wade has been found guilty on several this is wade inside the courtroom as a judge read the verdicts. thei] 19-year-old was found gui attempted murder for shooting at a car.t(çó > inside. the chef testified for the prosecutiont(ok earlier this we. investigators are looking forok @-stairwell at san francisco f general justçó dayst( before th body of a missing woman was foun$!9qáñrok the bodyjf of lynnçójf spalding found in an exterior stairwell.( the bodyjf of lynnçójf spalding found in an exterior stairwell.(
supervisor someone was laying down below. the supervisor called sheriff's deputy and what happened after that is unclear. the man is wearingçó some sort hospital i.d. so now they're checking badges.t(xdok >> we've been working with law enforcement to interview all the anjrárr#t that day, you know,ñr really too try to discover who this person is and we haven't been able to do that yet. >> here's açó descriptionxd of persone1 they're looking for. an asian male 30 to 40 years old, 5'8" «h a medium build. the man waslpñi wearing a blue s shirt and a tie. an francisco isjfi] steppin into the controversy over the cost overruns on the east bay bridge. they want to know why a new span went overbudget and took so long to build.e1r reformed legislation to betterñ
improve the speed. both projects have multibillion qm as well. this is how some pg&e workers got to work today.çóokt( >>jfçó pgand e says it was the time to get them to work without tying up traffic. lines as pa rt of a $10 million project. meteorologist. i think the cold weather has voi. >> i think we should blame jeff for my voice. >> i'll take it. i'm going to make youlp better tomorrow. warmer weather coming our way. usually good when it gets a little bit warmer. at least your whole body. let's take a look at thew3 tzq! clearing led to cold
temperatures this morning. one of the coldest a ó 3s afternoon. we goti] it to 66. acq 34-degree temperature jump r a lot of 60s on thefálpokok map. yes, we did have a few low 70s. tomorrow. let's take you outside to that high definition view. you can see in foster city, fog free, high pressure aloft. that means a warmer next 24 fog free at theé@ golden state bridge. for your halloween for tomorrow, treaters. 35k to 8:00 p.m. in the evening, we'll have uppej(fá 50s to about 60 q1jt @(t&háhp &hc& cloud cover.s7 perfect weather for those kids, get thejf pillowó[ case, map oe neighborhood and you fill the whole thing up with ca.gtú÷ht i'm not saying you should eat all that candy in one evening for w3sure. but that's whu3 we did when we
were kids. on that forecast, temperatures in thexde1ojgq mid to upper 70 we talk more about cooling weather in the seven-day forecast. and alsoe1s7 potential for sho >> google glass landed a southern california woman in trouble with the law.
to pique investor interest in their ipo.çó a lawsuit was filed today inuñ york.ñi twitter said the lawsuit wutz completely without merit.t(çólp the ballry on your newiphone, the 5 s you bought is it too short?ok appt%au is saying a manufacturi issue is taking some batteries to takeñi longer to charge. another problem, the batteries simply die faster. applelpokok did not say how man iphones are affected but the company ist( reaching out to it customers to replace those affected phones. a speeding ticket is usuallyokx a california woman's run-in with headlines. she was pulled over in san diego peeding.
but when the officers saw[çm sh was wearing google glass,ñi he added a second violation forcñi using a videot( screen. the law prohibits video screens unless it's a gps unit or a display map.lp the san francisco chronicle goes on the record about a controversial issue. the move it's making to fight what u1- )jt)p& slur.t( also -- >> there wasko probably --t(w3 layoff in months.ñi >> and then patients living in merging about an east bay care home that's been shut down. the silicon valley.ndalt( comes? companies that have been spied on without permission.ok
>> newlp information about the chaotic closing of the valley springs manor care home.çó today,ñiçó investigators reveal manxd went missing during that closing.t( nbc bay area'sxd jody hernandez talked to the attendants who worked duringq final week, and they are revealing for the first time whru(áhtájjjr @r(t&hc inside that home.fáxdxdok laurie pendleton said she's sick over the condition she says seniors#t valley manor
springs care home had to endured some days she was the only caregiver onñi sight an6aid she simply couldn't work fast enough. dúeujuk singlexd bed was soajw' and smelled like ammonia.fáokñi thejf residents was wet from th top all the way to the bottom. investigation. learning mo the what hap closed on thursday. 14 residents were left behind with a janitor and a cook.cçóok and one resident, 65-year-old edwin walked away on friday and still has not been found.xdfá >> it's hard fe me to clean up and watch thefáçó ñiresidents. it was too hard on me by myself. >> the janitor saidxd he did himself takingjf care of thelp8 seniors, waiting for help that never came. earlier, he said hec hadçó not been trained to b
caregiv caregiver. >> you have to change them, bathe them, you know, clean up their mess you ñiknow? rp)d. it was really hard. all these people never gotñi thr medication. they're not feeling too good. i could see it in their face. earok down and out. their face looks really clammy.k >> he finally toldt( the fire department he needed more help. he's just glad the might mare is >> hopefully they're being taken care of and that's al> care about.fá more details. a lawsuit filedxd againstftñ california alleges the state is dragging its feet with fáresolvg complaints about nursing homes.( a nonprofit eld ler i advocate group called foundation aiding the elderly filed a suit against the california department of health. 4,@pchronically delinquent with( r7s lving thousands of
administrative complaints against nursing homes. advocates say elderly are being exposed to neglectñ tlp abuse that often goes unaddressed for years.t(fá is there are problems in that specific nursing home and they go investigate ithtxdxd soxd that can -- so it won't have a direct affect on every otherñr patient >> the lawsuit is asking for officials to finish complaints against nursingé@c homes in aw timely manner. >> it's believed the body of a m3uing mcni has been f/uf". it matches the descriptiontújf 65-year-old michael stooefr. stooefr went on açóp, mining t northeast of sacramento last wednesday. a search was launched this past monday after he did not return home over the weekend. nevada county deputies say+háhe are waiting to see if his familq can formally identify the body. >>ñiñi janet t.náh(al tan knona
pay area, speaking out for the first time since she accepted her new role.çóokçó by any means necessary organize the ñrprotes. they'reñi denouncing a record number of deportationsxd while c napolitano ranzv theñie1 homel security. as we speak, she's at the commonwealth club in san francisco where she's expected to outline her vision for the uc system.+c >> no excuses.zv today, ploem says he'sq taking full responsibility to make sure hisxd health insurance website fixed asap. á'webs has ñor problems but continues to defgqy e1w3i]ñrñro. and used romney care as a good example of the health care reform law, signed in 2006 by j mitt romney. >> and fátoday, there isqko ne universal coverage in jz1h(t&háhp &hc& and the vast majtbjty of its citizens are happy with their coverage.xdnb >> the president said romney startgso hadñi az(fj$ááu is now considered a çósuccess.
mr. obama's speechxd in boston followed a grilling of his health and human services secretary on capitol hill. she apologized for theçó glitch on the health insurance website3 >> yuf deservexd better.xd iñi apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems and i'm committed to earning your confidenc7p()h5yi#ixing thar @(& site.t( >> she says she's confident the >> nsa spying scandal yet again. today, it was leaked the nsa broke intoohq scepters belonging to google and yahoo. belongin(r' information yahoo. for millions of user accounts. it's called the muscular program and it's operated jointly with thefá çónsa's british lpçócount. it's separate fromfá the nsa's prism program which gave the agency access to google and yahoo servers through a courtñi approved process. the companyjf has strict contro
in place tow3 protect security its data access to the çónsa. hacking, news of the world today. they're akudsed of conspireing to illegallyxd access voice mai people's cellr phones. theyñr deny allxd charges. meantime, three seniorc journalists with the magazine have already pledñi guilty to hacking. 59ñ that's what chinese officials are calling jfmonday's attac;d beijing. an suv plowed into a crowdxdfá people and burst into flame. three panels in the car and two tourists were killed. the suspects arelp islamist militants from western china. >>ok jessicaxd has left the set because of her snpe throat. >> she needed some rest. >> a new autism link.
what weight gain my reveal about your chances of having a child with autism. mystery solved. to tell you aboutfá google's >> and how thauz warmer sound?ño i like the idea, especially if youxd head into the halloween forecast for tomo2$s]9ñ how hot it will get by friday coming up in just a few minutes. @yrrejq) pieceg
into what might cause autism. universities say there's a link between3wxdxd autism and weigh. of weight may be more likely to have an autistic child. but researchers sate's not just the weight(t)z alone. it's how the cñiñihormone, inflammation and other factors interact with genetics to cause both weight gain and p)ás during pregnancy. take this report to limit how much weight they should gain during their pregnancy. >> tonight, the coast guard confirms a mystery barge off treasure island belongs $xrxdi treasures land belongs $xrxdi -- belongs to google. agreement so it can't take any more details.i]t( an exact replica vftq barge has maine as
well. >> we may haveñr a worldwide wi shortage. the wine industry is experiencing a shortage ofw3 abt ájjz cases a year.fá that's because wine consumption went uxk about 1% last year whe wine production went down about 10%. that wasñr partially due to bad weather in france andñi argenti. mines continue to be the top consumers of wine worldwide.çów3 >> kids are going to have an influx of candy. they'll be okay. shorta. >> thinking of something to say aboutáy >> we could have wine and candyn bars. >> there'slp no whining about t( at all. >> let's go to commercial. >> made a lotxdw3 more sensexd look at the sky, it's orange. the kids at home are going yes!( jeff, we love this okw3lpforeca. we'll let you know how great it is for those trick orok treater. jw3jf billy bean
has a famousjf lineage unlike a other. plus, opening nightfá for the i] warriors. we are>,%ve as they take on the lakers. a live report from our new warriors insider next.
the washington redskins have been called to stopçó using the name redskins. but at least one bay area newspaper has already decided to stop using that name.t( >>c growing upi] of cherokee descent, collee< hicks as heard plenty ofñié@ descriptions of e americans.g im of american indians which hicks runs --xd
>> here are examples ofxd two eagle featg5' head dresses.÷zqs have been subject to character chu"ép >>i] they were going to wear th during thei] victorias secret sw and the native american peopleg >> but to hicks,é@ pro sports m like the washington redskins who q says mock hbp%yár(p' culture. >> how would bit ift(ñ it was washington rednecks?3w it's insulting. it's not about native people. >> but for nowq on, she will be  of "san francisco chronicling" without gettingcñi cupset. when it comes toqñyfootball, it will no longer refer to the s the redskins.ñixdc c wrote a le!z me and the sports editorñiw3 and take a lat whewxijeu(j appropriate to call the washington nfl franchise the redskins since it is a racial slur. >> chronicleb. managing editor says the gro-qjtok deba
council decided it was time to go. >> we felt pretty strongly there's other ways to refer to the team.xd will only refer to the term redskin when÷ referring to the name controversy. >> when the qçó÷niner, for example,play washington next brond month,c we'll say that th niners beat washington by whatever score we beatú(5 by.ñ& p%or newspapers stopped using the redskins name years sports figure, the owner says in's no plan to change th# name. whilet(ñh5-1ñ doesn't think mos fans are intentionally being racist,@&o%w3 says the result >> iñd actually call it blind prejudice, that people don't realize thatlp there's still prejudice towards native peopleq >> nbc bay area e1news. >> we shoulñnote the 49ers play in washington in just a few weeks.c >> well, no tricks by a lot of
treats.fá the runway on market street in san francisco created a áq' a. their parents. they evenxdxdñie9k donated the allowing the trick or treaters to choose which one they want to wear.xdxdjf >> there's a lot of homeless children these days and we want tonight to be special for them>> it's a fun day and a fun evening.x+oç the family services coordinated the event tofá kick off their answer versery in san francisco. >> will they needc to wear a coat? kids don't want to wear jackets when it's tick or treating.w3 >> a good litmus test.lpqxd >> especially for the little ones, about 4 toñi 8, you're concerned if they're going to be too cold. it might be a good tester for
you.ttó current temperatures, we do have the coldest weather in the northbound.xd 55 in novado, 65 in napa. cooling off pretty quickly into the south bay. 61 in jfgilroy. do want to spend some time on this first look forecast. we are going to start off cool to chilly here fo2hú$e interior value lease. temperatures in the mid 40s at 5:00 a.m. jy upper 40s by the bay and at the coastline. then throughout 11:00 a.m., still going to be at least light jacket weather with us. that sun shooip. temperatures generallyok runnin low to mid 60s. we're going to see things catapult againc by the afternoo. more coming up.ok let's take you outside to the high definitione1xd skycam a network. we dot( have haze with us right now nap will bring us hazy sunshine for tomorrow. moderate air quality on the pens#áu&a and also forxd sectio of the northok bay.t(
>> a sneak preshoet( on this halloween eveningt( on what's t come for tomorrow.w3xdxd 39 in santa rosa. 42 in walnut creek. we'llc see temperatures around mid 40s.xdw7r that temperature is going toc jump from about 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. we'll see it climb to about 15 degrees.xdok low to mid 70s>&&rfá gilroy. the mid 70s.xd we'll get to the mid 70s. upper 60s in downtown.q also oksonoma 71.i]ok and oakland ató[/ 72.i]lpú
>> just a lit bit of cloud cover, siems pretty much compared to what we had at this time three nights ago.çór keeping our rainfall away. milder weather is goingñr to be with us on the seven-day forecast.3;u ujujyhtb.qe1 low 60s byc the bay.xd i think we did well this year when it comes to halloweenxd an that weather forecast.+xdw3w3 >>ñi willie mays would give awa four chocolate bars.çófáxdc
>> i may have to upgrade my >> that's a good technique, thanks, jeff.ó[ >> w3ñhit's a big night, in xdf. happy new year. the warriors opening night.ok >> huge, huge night. the warriors doçó take the floo against the lakers for game one of 82. golden state, looking to build expectations haven't been years overall. i'm ready to uev started. we have to come ready to play, not just one thr five or one through tenm0aowever many guys get into the game. . 4úçrit'svw crazy to play again
were 14. it's pretty sweet.ñii] and couldn't be happier. >> the main thing is not being satisfied.ñiñráo@ñi we as an organization got to bec greedy. experts say because the same experts said that 9 qze @(t&háh& things about us.xdñii]xdñrñi >> we bring in our new warriors monty bool poole.xdxdjfçójf >>o5ñ that a good wake-up carf& for the warriors, do you think?c >> you don't know how the lakers are going to respond. last ñinight, they were very go against the clippers.lp they managed 206 win a game they weren't supposed to win. the lakers are playing a lot of guys who are hungry, desperate
players.fá of these guys and they're doing the best they can to deserve to play.t( right now they'rejf trying to hó the fort down. we don't know when kobe will come back. until then, they're trying to hold the fort down. >> certainly hoped somejf eyes golden state warrior. this team could make a run for the nbaok finals. are we getting ahead of ourselves with the expectations for the golden state warriors? >> theñi warriors get to the nb finals? that's a good question. i suspect right now, when you're looking at the team,c there are only two issues here. can they stay healthy?çów3?; if bogut andi] curryi] can playt they could be a teamñrfá that p in the western conference hasjft
least one flaw whetherw3xd it's clippers were thunder or spurs.( thexdçó warriors may have the ft overall weaknesses of a2p team in thefá conference. the question can, can they stay healthy? you knowxdlpw3t( they're going and reboun it's really a strong team. the question is whether they geó harrisonc barn back. >> good stuff, all our warriors coverage, right after news we'll have the lakers and warriors coverage, all thate1i] you woul ever want from opening night at oracle arena. real quick, skip over to xd baseball. billy bean gott( j,át reallyc weekend. and he might have reason to get this -- researbn done by a
that bean is related to madonna. they're 10th cousins.xd celine dion, 1 1th cousins, hillary clii61ñt( and angeli angelina jolie. talk aboutçót( an awe sma famil tree. and i looked into my family tree a lit bit. and it turns outc i'm related t dave feld map. i didn't see thet( okresemblanc until i looked into the mirror >> you guys are like twins. >> i know. >> if dave feldman and littleok orphan annie had a kid. >> it is a little red. >> that's a good one.t( it looks very full. nice job. >> we'll be watching the warriors and lakers game closely as well ton-?jt. for a full half-hourxd of local sports coverage, you can watcho sportsnet cemp& tonight at ok 10:30. >> good costume for halloween.xd be dave feldman.
passengers return after that flight t to make y%5á an emergency landing in a remote part ofóom alaska. that's tonight atxd 11:00 after law and order.r >> 99 days and counting until the opening ceremony of the sochi olympics.t( the ñipgainternational uniforms. volunteers at the games will be wearing. they look a bit crazy.lpqt( >> there areçó ñr82 of them.
theñilp gymnastics team is ther too.ok you'll findñilp stories with a quick lick you can signt(lp for winter olympics newsletter.xd >> theok forecast is clear righ now. it will be clear tgmérrow evening asñi well. a great shot of the bay bridge. you can see we do have mid 80s inland.xdt( hottest weather coming by friday we start to cool off as we head throughout sunday, monday and tuesday of next week as well.xd >> and our disclaimer, if you're from the midwest, these are chilly temperatures. >> this is cold, yeah. night.
shocking new video. celebrity chef, guy fieri, in a violent, caught-on-camera brawl with his hairdresser. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> now on "extra." punching, kicking and screaming. what sparked the epic knock-down fight? barbra streisand and james brolin on the brink of a $390 million divorce? the explosive new report brolin's ready to walk out. then, "scandal" star kerry washington pregnant? she pulled off a secret wedding. was she keeping a baby secret when mario asked her this? >> don't avoid my question. what's up with the baby? disturbing photos, camille

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